Social Media

It’s importance in campaigning

We all know that social media is very important for campaigning because it is a very fast communication medium. The new trend is to reach out to the voters through public networking. In order to reach more voters in less time, political parties are fast recording their presence online. Social media marketing helps to validate your brand. A firm’s online presence, when done correctly, tells clients that their brand is active and focused on thriving conversation with consumers. This type of marketing has the power to increase clients loyalty. It gives you a chance to talk about what you know and what you want to be known for. Sharing your knowledge will attract potential professional and personal connections.


Paid promotion for boosting posts, videos, photographs and events.
Analyse the best time for sharing a post so that it can reach a targeted audience.
Photo album, wall posts so people can know about the regular curriculum.


Tweets and retweets on each activity done by the candidate.
Increase followers through group, existing mails and specific tools for promoting it.
Keyword based tweets so it maximizes the impact over twitter platform.
Profile content writing so it presents well in front of people and they love it.


Hashtag trends and promotion so it maximizes reach towards people
Provide appropriate responses on comments so that candidate gains popularity.
Daily updates like day to day work, work for society, etc to socialize the account.

Online Reputation Management

Track All On-going Campaigns Analytics For Better Results
Engage online Audience through Multiple Channels Distribution
Daily updates like day to day work, work for society, etc to socialize the account.

Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

We see everything and Miss nothing!

We completely auto-generate onine content across channels, going so far as to automatically include hashtags.

we use the power of AI to analyze social media post at scale, understand what’s being said in them, then extracting insights based on that information.

We build chatbots to create your voter communities and engage them continuously!

We monitor your content continuously to find good, bad & ugly things for your campaign.

Let us improve your election campaign!

Politicians are now relying on technological advancements such as analysing Big Data to connect and engage better with voters. We are here to help you understand your voters better to win election!