Election Analytics

We turn your data into insights and insights into votes!

We give you an integrated election campaign management services & engagement dashboard that measures your election program’s impact and performance in real-time, and then gives you the tools to tighten, troubleshoot, and optimize to ensure all communications are in the right direction — both online and offline. It’s a sophisticated, data-rich engine based on a simple formula: translating data into insights into impact.

What you will know

  1. Audience reach
  2. Platform optimization
  3. Mobilization metrics
  4. Program saturation
  5. User journey performance

  Our dashboard centralizes program data into one dashboard where information is absorbed, studied, and interpreted to generate a level of analysis that’s unmatched. 

Voter Modelling And Targeting

Know how your voters make their decisions, where they are, what they believe in and what will trigger them to vote for you!

Constituency Analytics

Look at granular level constituency analytics on maps. Map-based insights tell you exactly what is happening in the election campaign.

Supporter Analytics

Supporter and Volunteer Analytics shows you where your strength lies and with single click you will be able to reach out to them.

Campaign Analytics

Know at each point what is working and what is missing in your political campaigns. Change your communications in real time to see its impact.

Artificial Intelligence in Election Analytics

Power of machines predicting the future at your fingertips!

We use a method based on machine learning, big-data analytics, and network theory to process millions of messages posted online to predict election outcomes.

By analyzing the unique psychographic and behavioural user profiles of voters; Artificial Intelligence is being used to persuade people to vote for a specific candidate or even create a bias against that candidate’s opponent.

AI has the ability to determine policies by gathering a nation’s data and create clearly defined politics.

We are a political management company in Mumbai.

Let us improve your election campaign!

Politicians are now relying on technological advancements such as analysing Big Data to connect and engage better with voters. We are here to help you understand your voters better to win election!